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If you have a sneaking suspicion you’re not fulfilling your potential…

you're probably right!

Read on for what to do about it. 


At Rich House Media, we get to peek under the hood of a lot of businesses. People give us the keys to their e-commerce, CRM, analytics and social platforms all the time. 


We pour over the financials. We count the customers, the ad spend, the prospects. We do full sales funnel audits, from that first Instagram like to purchase to repeat purchase. 


And here’s what we see. 


Most cases we see, people are — 

A) spending too much money or spending on the wrong things 
B) fulfilling only 10% of their potential


So our job is to correct the very fundamentals of your business that have thrown you off-kilter in the first place. We have to go deep into your business to make sure your offers are structured in a way that people will TAKE THEM. 


If not, you can’t be successful, so we can’t work together. 


And if you’re spending money on the wrong things, that’s a BIG problem. Because you actually need that money to do the right things. 

“He/She who can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.”



Most small businesses aren’t spending ANYTHING to acquire a customer. Do you smell an opportunity here? 


Step One: Get a plan together to increase prospects and close them. There are three other steps. But I’m not trying to write a book. I’ve got stuff to do. 


I’ll close with this.


You may hit the viral jackpot and your business may grow exponentially. If you know somebody in big media they could probably engineer that for you. But what are you going to do in the meantime?


You need to know our biggest moneymaking strategy. It’s way less sexy than going viral, because it’s incremental. It takes place over time. 


It’s called Program Stacking. It’s a recipe for success. You take this + that + this + that, and all of a sudden, you have a nice-tasting business.

Enter the Rich House Media scorecard. How many of these are you doing? 





























Count them up, and weigh them all 7 percentage points. Ok, now what’s your score? 


If you’re above 30%, congrats! You’re way ahead of most businesses we see! But of course, a 30% score on a test is, well…ahem. You’ve got a lot of potential! If you're at 70 or 80% and still not seeing profit, check your expenses.  It could be that a lot of things you think you "need", you don't need.


Now I’ve said too much. I’ve spilled all the beans. 


Final thought: it’s pointless to sit around when you could be ROI-ing. We see this ALL the time, and it’s baffling, because we know how pointless it is. 


Our remedy to that:

We do something awesome and addictive called Free Coffee Audits. It’s where you sit there and drink coffee and have experts tell you what’s up with your business, so you can know FOR SURE what your strengths and weaknesses are. 

Then you can prioritize what needs to be done and DO IT. Schedule your Free Coffee Audit now!


  • Email Drip Funnel 

  • A Referral Program

  • An Affiliate Program

  • Email Acquisition Ads

  • Funny Instagram stories 

  • Retargeting ads

  • Broadcast Emails

  • Segmented Emails

  • An easy-to-shop / beautiful e-commerce experience

  • Facebook engagement ads

  • An Arsenal of Offers (not just one or two offers, but a ton of strategically timed discounts, gifts with purchase, etc.)

  • You sell on more than 2 sales channels

  • You're actively adding products / offerings to your line, and cutting the losers

  • You're selling to multiple geographies (U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia...)

ˈfri/cah-fee/ôdət/ n.

An excuse to sit there and drink coffee while experts show you how to improve your business. 

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